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  • 09,856 square feet
  • 2’ x 4’ grid
  • Zoned conduit system in ceiling space
  • Capped connections available at the core for water, sanitary drains, plumbing vents, and firehose cabinets
  • Acoustic tile in suspended T-bar
  • Prime painted gypsum wallboard ready to receive client finishes
  • Steel trowelled concrete ready to receive client finishes
  • Floor plate size maximizes client identity and provides for efficient use of client space. Chilled water lines to provide for additional air conditioning equipment installed by clients for special computer equipment requirements
  • Ability to heat with natural gas, fuel oil or electric perimeter baseboards
  • Variable air volume system with a minimum of 12 control units on each floor. Humidification provided
  • 4.5 Watts/sf (48.4 Watts/sm) for lighting and on-floor office equipment heat loads Fresh Air: 20 CFM per person
  • In accordance with Code
  • Positive smoke evacuation through a separate exhaust shaft, assisted by floor and stair pressurization below grade
  • Two stage, connected to 24-hour control centre
  • Diesel generator for emergency lighting, elevator, smoke evacuation system, stair pressurization, and all life safety systems
 Rob Schelleman

Senior Commercial Property Manager

 (902) 496-0928

Park Lane Terraces

5657 Spring Garden Road
Halifax, NS B3J 3R4

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