Construction Superintendent | Site Manager

Job description:
Construction Superintendent | Site Manager

As a locally owned Halifax company, Universal Realty Group has earned a reputation for building excellence. Evident in our diverse real estate portfolio, encompassing over 2,550 apartments, 1.4 million square feet of office, retail, and warehouse space plus the iconic Lord Nelson Hotel & Suites. Committed to crafting extraordinary experiences, we envision, develop and support unique locations into distinctive environments, showcasing our passion for exceptional living.  

We are currently seeking a dynamic Construction Superintendent | Site Manager to be at the forefront for ensuring the success and efficiency of new development construction/renovation projects.

Join our innovative team and help us reshape the city's landscape through a variety of exciting and transformative projects. Including an architecturally stunning trio of buildings featuring over 400 apartments, street-level retail, and a connecting pedestrian promenade leading to the lively Halifax waterfront; a distinctive residential development in a dynamic community undergoing exhilarating growth in addition to a stylish transformation from iconic downtown office building to urban living at its finest. These are just a glimpse of the exciting projects entering the development phase.  

We look forward to welcoming new team members who will play a crucial role in contributing to the continuous enhancement of our unique Atlantic living experience.  


Trade Management:

  • Efficiently manage and coordinate on-site trades to ensure a smooth and coordinated construction process.

HRM Inspections:

  • Conduct comprehensive Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) inspections to ensure compliance with standards and regulatory requirements.

Concrete Deliveries and Quantities:

  • Arrange concrete deliveries, meticulously determining quantities and overseeing the inclusion of any required additives.

Trade Scheduling:

  • Develop and maintain precise schedules for the various trades involved, optimizing workflow and efficiency.

Site Safety Management:

  • Oversee site safety, collaborating closely with the Safety Officer to uphold and enhance safety standards.

Delivery Coordination:

  • Head site deliveries, working in tandem with the administrative team to ensure accurate tracking and coordination.

Deficiency Lists:

  • Create, distribute, and manage deficiency lists, facilitating prompt resolution andmaintaining project momentum.



  • Minimum of 5 years' experience as a Site Superintendent, specifically managing trades,  conducting HRM inspections, and overseeing site operations. 

Inspections and Safety:  

  • Proficient in HRM inspections with a strong background in site safety management. 

Concrete Expertise:  

  • Experience in arranging concrete deliveries, determining quantities, and managing  necessary additives. 

Trade Scheduling Skills:  

  • Ability to create and manage precise schedules for optimal trade coordination. 

Computer Skills: 

  • Proficiency in using office programs such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint,  Outlook) and other industry software. 

Safety Management:  

  • Knowledge and experience in effective site safety management, including collaboration  with Safety Officers. 

Logistics Coordination:  

  • Previous experience in heading deliveries for construction sites, ensuring seamless  coordination with administrative teams. 

Deficiency Resolution:  

  • Proven track record in creating, distributing, and efficiently resolving deficiency lists.

Universal Realty Group recognizes our employees as essential to our success and value diverse skills. From frontline staff to management, we offer excellent opportunities for career growth, as well  as employer-provided medical benefits and other incentives. We are looking for new talent to join our dynamic team that is setting the standard of excellence in the property management field.

  • Dental
  • Extended Health
  • Life Insurance
  • On-site Parking
  • Paid Time Off
  • Vision Care
  • Wellness Program


HR Manager:



We treat our employees with great respect, a leading standard in the property management field!

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